Research Experience Interest Form

    Which semester are you applying for?

    Including the one you are applying for, would you be able to continue in the lab for at least 2
    continuous semesters (contingent on us both feeling that there is a good working relationship)?

    Motivation for Seeking Research Experience in General.

    Motivation for Conducting Research in this Lab in Particular.

    Relevant Courses (i.e., Psychology, Neuroscience, Statistics, Computer Science, Math)

    What do you think your greatest research-related strength is? What skills do you already have?

    What areas would you like to improve?

    Have you worked in a lab before? If so, what lab/project did you work on?

    It is important that you have enough time in your schedule that you can commit to working in the lab without your other classes or obligations suffering. Please list the days/times that you think you would have available for working in the lab (remember that 3 credits = 9 hours of lab time).

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