The lab hosts a number of highly motivated, scientifically-curious and dedicated undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research assistants from Baruch and nearby colleges who hope to learn valuable laboratory experience and go on to excellent graduate or medical school programs. Minimum commitment is 9 hours per week for 2 semesters (or semester and summer).


Are you a Baruch College student and interested in learning more about being volunteer in one of our current studies? Click below to fill out a quick interest form. You will receive a follow up email from a member of the research team. Filling out the form does not obligate you to participate in any way. Volunteers can receive cash ($15/hour) and/or introductory psychology research credit for donating their time and some studies have additional cash bonuses. We have short (30 minute) and long (4 hour) studies, and studies that involve EEG (see What is EEG?) and some that don’t. Note that some studies have specific criteria that potential subjects must meet in order to qualify for participation.

Click here if you are interested in volunteering!


Are you an undergraduate student or recent graduate with a passion for Cognitive Psychology and/or Cognitive Neuroscience? Are you considering making research in these areas a career (going to graduate school or medical school) and want to get hands on experience with what research is really all about? Click here to fill out a form for applying to work in the lab. Please apply at least one month before the start of the upcoming semester if you want to apply for Psych 5030.

Click here if you are interested in working in the lab!