Welcome to the Mangels Dynamic Learning Lab at Baruch College of the City University of New York.

What do you want to learn about? Seeking out knowledge is a dynamic motivational state. The goal of our research is to understand how the material you are trying to learn, your motivation to learn, and the social context in which you are learning work together to facilitate or inhibit your learning and problem-solving success. Our research in basic social, affective and cognitive neuroscience have application to interventions that can help students bridge gaps in knowledge and overcome academic challenges.

The Dynamic Learning Lab supports a vibrant group of undergraduate, post-baccalaureate,  and graduate students and accepts new students to begin at the start of each academic semester, including summer sessions (see Contact page for information about applying).  Much of this interdisciplinary research has involved collaboration with scientists in cognitive and social psychology, neuroscience, and computer science at institutions throughout New York State and beyond.


Congratulations to our lab member, Alyssa Farber, for submitting her research project on reward and effort to the Regeneron Science Talent Search!